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For testing CD-Recordables, DVD's and qualifying masters, nothing out-shines the new CD-Testing range of Analyzers.

Whether you require portable desktop analysis or full Production in line quality control, one of our units will suit your requirements.

We offer a full line of compact, affordable, and easy to use Analyzers that measure error rates, pit geometry, jitter, and imbalance.

Cost effective equipment offering
high performance solutions

CDX CD Tester THE DVX DVX™ measures DVD error rates at up to 16X on DVD-ROM and DVD±R, including dual layer discs. It can also measure Beta and Jitter, and check the quality of blank media. DVX™ can perform bit-for-bit comparison of two discs of any type, including video, audio, or data. DVX™ can also do bit-for-bit comparison of two discs without access to the original using a new exclusive feature. With an optional Analog Board, it can also make analog (pit geometry) measurements.
NEW DVX-4™ is absolutely the highest performance and lowest cost test system on the market. It is a stand-alone system , requiring only an Monitor, mouse and keyboard. It consists of a specially modified DVD±R/RW writer and software that can perform data verification, format verification, and measure error rates and analog signals at speeds up to 16X (DVD) or 48X (CD). The new QuickScan™ feature will test a full DVD in as little as 38 seconds, or 80 min. CD in 48 seconds.
DVX Autoload


Autoload This PC-based robot allows DVX to test hundreds of discs unattended. Failed discs are separated from good, and test results are saved to a file. The AutoLoader includes a built-in PC, so the whole system is in one self-contained unit.
Dynamic Disc Balancd Analyzer THE DBA QA-DDB-1 The Dynamic Disc Balance Analyzer is measuring imbalance of DVD & CD discs, conformance to Red/Yellow/Orange book standards can be verified with this system. Disc imbalance can be caused by thickness variation of substrate, lacquer/CD-R dye coating or DVD bonding layer as well as asymmetrical label design, discs can be tested in 10 seconds.

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